A Diligent*, Fast and Efficient DBS Check Service through GP Systems

What do we do?

We provide a DBS Umbrella Body service throughout the UK. We can also undertake a DBS check for you if you are coming to the UK from abroad. Wherever you are, we can help.

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Our priority is to ensure that when an application for a DBS check is made, the identification process and other DBS requirements have been carried out correctly.

If identification is not carried out correctly, there is a chance of a 'clear' certificate being issued when in fact there is information that should be released for consideration by the employer. In other words, the applicant might have convictions, or be barred from working with children or adults.

GP Systems is recommended by the UK Home Office.


We charge £8.50 per application plus the DBS fee.

Who are we?

In June 2014 we took over the DBS umbrella body service previously provided by NEMS Healthcare Limited (NHL).

Peter McKeown, the proprietor of GP Systems, worked for NHL and its associated company, NEMS Community Benefit Services Limited, from 1999 until 2014. From 2002 onwards he was the Lead Countersignatory for DBS checks there.