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Provide the right Documents for a DBS Check

The link "Guidance for Applicants" on the left gives full information, but the DBS requirements can appear complex. Please try to read it through and if you then have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The DBS allows no variation in the matter of valid documents. We have no discretion to accept any documents other than those appearing on the list, nor to accept documents older than as stipulated.

In their guidance, the DBS stresses the need for careful completion of application forms and checking of documents.

In their words “Failure to do this may... introduce risk into your recruitment or licensing arrangements”.

What they mean is you could get a “clear” result when in fact a person actually has convictions.

Some basic points:

The exception is that you can go to your bank and ask for a print of your statement, but ask the bank to rubber stamp it.

Always try to provide more than the minimum number. When we check the documents some may turn out to be invalid.

The "Routes"

There are three "routes", being groups of acceptable documents. You must first try to follow Route 1. If you can't do this then you must try to follow Route 2. If you can't do this then you must follow Route 3.

Route 1


UK driving licence - plastic card. Provisional licences are acceptable.

Birth certificate issued at the time of birth.

Route 2

We then use an external validation service to establish your identity. This will incur additional cost which you will have to bear.

Route 3

One document from Group 2a and

Three further documents from Group 2a or 2b; one of which must verify your current address.

If you cannot provide valid documents

If you cannot produce the required documents set out at Route 3, you will be asked to submit to a police fingerprint test. This is likely to delay the DBS application process considerably.

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