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Obtaining a DBS Check

The usual procedure is we send you a supply of blank application forms, a specimen Return Slip and a document that tells applicants what they have to provide.

The application form is completed. BUT page four - the back page - must be left blank.

You check the applicant's identity against the documents provided. Full details of the ID Checking Process can be found here.

The applicant must provide evidence of the right to work in the UK. Full information can be obtained by clicking the links ‘INFORMATION: Right to Work in the UK’ and ‘WEBSITES: Right to Work in the UK’ on the left.

The applicant must read the two privacy policies and sign a privacy declaration. These items can be downloaded by clicking the file names on the left of this window.

You need to be aware of the risk of fraud, which could lead to the issue of a ‘clear’ result on someone who actually has convictions or a breach of Section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 (illegal working). Please read Checking for Fraud.

You photocopy the documents.

You complete a Return Slip.

You send the application to us with the photocopies, the Return Slip and the privacy declaration. N.B the declaration must be sent in paper format. The DBS will not accept an electronic version.

You make a payment to us via internet banking or enclose a cheque with the application. We charge £9.00 on top of whatever the DBS charges.


What Happens Next

We will email you confirming this and will explain how you can track progress of the application on the DBS website.

We will email the applicant similarly and will also inform them about the DBS Update Service - but only if we have their email address.


Log Your DBS Checks

If you wish, you can download a spreadsheet which has been devised as an aid to keep track of outstanding applications and also as a permanent record of completed applications. Just click on 'DBS Checks Log' on the left and the spreadsheet will download into your system.


Your Next Step

Please complete this email to order a supply of forms.

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