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How to Complete a DBS Application Form

When you attend to complete the application form, please have with you:

A provisional driving licence is acceptable.

In descending order please.

No gaps in the dates.

If at all possible please provide documentary proof to support any changes of name.

Include overseas addresses.

No gaps in the dates, but overlaps are acceptable.

Postcode essential for your current address but not for previous addresses.

We are interested where you lived, not where you had mail delivered.

If you run out of space

If you run out of space, just use a sheet of A4 paper. Alternatively, you may use a Continuation Sheet - a link is on the left.

Please take care

Completion of a DBS application form should be approached with care. The forms are not straightforward and in parts quite misleading. Over the years rules have changed but the form has not always been updated.

Before starting to complete the form please read the instructions on the front.

Please also note the following:


The following will cause rejection of an application, and we won't be able to make any corrections on your behalf. A new form will have to be completed. Your fee won't be wasted but delay will be caused.

What needs to go on the back page should be emailed to us or given on the form we provide for that purpose. Please do not write on the back page.


The following are common errors that can usually be corrected over the telephone or by email. This is why we ask for the email address and phone number of applicants.

The Date of Birth needs to in the format DDMMYYYY. All other dates need to be in the format MMYYYY.

UK driving licence numbers begin with the first five letters of your surname. If your surname has less than five letters, 9's are substituted.

We have no discretion to vary DBS requirements.

Please provide as many documents as you can. This will help if any turn out to be invalid on inspection.

Please go to page 'Documents' for more information.

Declaration and signature

You sign the application form at the bottom of page 3 - section e, add the date of signature, and answer question 55.

The back page of the application form

The back page must be left blank - part of it is misleading. Instead the employer should provide on a separate sheet or email the following information:

If enhanced we always assume that the applicant will not see patients in the applicant's own home. Please give us full details if this is not to be the case.

If in any doubt at all doubt please contact us.

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